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Basketball Legends Halloween

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Halloween Basketball Legends is funny and two players big head basketball championship game in which famed scary and toon characters are available! They are: wampire (dracula), frankenstein, witch, mummy, ghost, wizard, lion, cloud, pumpkin! Instructions of gameplay are on the game screen.

Supershots of each chracters are different. Lets see, how they are! Have fun for real life team sport of basketball after playing awesome games on Basketball Legends ! Be social even if at web: Play with your friends or Play with friends against to cpu

Do you want to play with some of the greatest icons in the sport? Thanks to Basketball Legends Halloween, you have the chance to play against the greats only by using your mobile device! Get ready to play basketball with some true basketball legends!

Are you a basketball enthusiast? You want to mingle with the dramatic basketball matches or just simply a game player. Whatever, now Basketball Legends here to help you experience the best and most exciting basketball games ever! With Basketball Legends PvP: Dunk Battle , you have a chance to play with the real legends that you wish for long. Isn't it fantastic? Unlock all the achievements and have your name on the high scores!

Features of Basketball Legends Halloween

- Cool stylized graphics that look both cartoony and accurate.

- Different types of moves and shots.

- Select your team.

- Easy moving and shooting!

- Dunk on people!

How to play Basketball Legends Halloween

- Use the arrow keys to move

- There are two skill buttons to show your professional skills

Download Basketball Legends Halloween now to unlock achievements along the way and see your name appear on the leaderboard! Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? Don’t miss out on winning matches with players and friends around the world! To struggle against your friend with these super basketball players, don’t wait any longer. Call your friend right now, set your team and get ready for super struggles which are tough from each other.


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